Mantra Vocals RED


Mantra is a way of using sound and its vibration to set intention, quiet the mind and reach concentration, healing, relaxation. A lot of the times associated with voices from India, yet it spans across many cultures in various musical formats.

Recorded in Chennai, India, this collection was done with Mahesh Vinayakram, illustrious son of the Ghatam legend Padmabhushan T.H.Vikku Vinayakram is the first Indian male singer to be cast in the theater Cirque du Soleil. He is a UNESCO Millennium award winner. He started his career as a SOLO VOCALIST at the age of 12 & he is a senior disciple of Smt. Radha Viswanathan, daughter of Bharat Ratna Smt. M.S.Subbulakshmi and continuing the Semmangudi parampara of sangita pithamahar Shri. Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer in Carnatic music presentation. He had opportunities to get vocal lessons from Gurus like Shri H.Y. Narayanan, Shri O.S. Thiagarajan, Smt. Savithiri Sathyamurthy, Shri. Bhagavathulu Seetharama Sarma.

Having performed in all metro cities as solo Carnatic performer in concerts in major sabhas, he has also trained himself as a contemporary singer for various world class musicians like Ustad Zakir Hussain, Steve Smith, Sandeep Raval, Talvin Singh, George Brooks, Kai, James Asher, Jonas Hellborg, Shawn Lane, Pete Lockett, and world class productions.

The Pack was recorded originally at 96kHz.

It has a wide collection of Mantras in the following scales: C / D / E  Carries Mahesh powerful vocals signature.

A total of 378 MB.

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With its wide network of musicians and producers, DoGood keep searching and collecting ambiance, cinematic, exotic instruments and voices that opens up any production to the world.

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