Welcome to DoGood Sound, a home for listening and a unique boutique sound designer network. We specialize in capturing and crafting "out of the ordinary" sounds that ignite the senses and inspire the imagination. Do Good is driven by passion for exploring the unexplored and using sound as a powerful tool for promoting well-being, raising awareness for listening, and fostering a deeper connection to oneself.

Founded by Yotam Agam, a visionary sound artist and entrepreneur, and Sandra Schultze, a visual artist , yoga & meditation facilitator. DoGood Sound emerged from a deep-rooted love for sound and its transformative capabilities. Yotam's journey began with his love of music and audio recording. Later in his career he encountered the exploration of yoga, meditation, and the profound impact they had on his life. Recognizing the power of sound as a complement to these practices, he set out to create a space where individuals could explore immersive and resonant audio experiences.

Yotam's vision for DoGood Sound goes beyond the traditional concept of sound design. It embraces the idea that sound can be a powerful tool for well-being and self-discovery. By curating sounds that evoke specific emotions, transport us to new realms, or simply provide a moment of tranquility, DoGood Sound aims to enhance mindfulness practices, and meditation sessions.

In collaboration with our network of talented musicians and producers, we meticulously search for, record, and collect ambient sounds, serene melodies, and harmonious frequencies. Our library of sounds is carefully curated to create a diverse palette of sonic textures that resonate with individuals on their personal journeys of self-exploration and growth.

At DoGood Sound, we invite you to join us on this sonic journey towards inner harmony. Whether you are an experienced yogi, a meditation enthusiast, or simply a musician looking for new sounds, our carefully crafted sounds can accompany and enhance your practices. We believe that sound has the ability to deepen our connection to ourselves, foster a sense of calm, and open up new realms of consciousness.

We encourage you to stay connected with us, share your ideas, and contribute to our growing community. Together, let's harness the transformative power of sound, embrace the synergy between sound and well-being, and create a space where everyone can find solace, inspiration, and moments of inner peace.