Gayageum Strings


A millennial zither-like korean traditional instrument, it is derived from Chinese Guzheng and related to other asian instruments, including the Japanese Koto, Mongolian Yatga etc. When played, the sound varies between traditional eurasian stringed instruments and the appalachian banjo. The Gayageum has dark but elegant tone.

Recorded in South Korea and played by Kyungso Park, a well known Gayageum musician that sways between traditional and contemporary art. She is known for expanding the scope of Gayageum music and challenging its often traditional role.

The Pack was recorded originally at 96kHz. 

We have recorded 2 types of Gayageum: 

  • Sanjo (traditional) with 12 Strings, a music style initially inspired by southwestern shamanic rituals music.

  • Contemporary variations with 25 Strings.

There is a wide collection of time signature and tempo’s to allow creativity to flow, and a large collection of SFX done manually with the instrument and the bow.

1.8 GigaBytes of Loops and One shots 

DoGood Sound is a boutique sound design home, that focuses on “out of the box” sounds and operate in the wellness world.

With its wide network of musicians and producers, DoGood keep searching and collecting ambiance, cinematic, exotic instruments and voices that opens up any production to the world.


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