IR Strange & Experimental


Rare and Unique Impulse Response Pack

Sample Sound Kit of impulse responses blending various space such as : a lighthouse, a grain silo dome, gears.


Ancient Train station tower 

Arab Theatre Acre (AKKO) City Stone Hall

Date Packing Warehouse

Grain Silo Storage Pipes

Jordan River Studio

Never End Plate

Forsake Ottoman Train Car

Piano Strings Echo

Seongnam SEOUL art center Hallway

St Saviour Church Chorus Room

The Carpentry


The Fishermans Shed

The Fox Caves (Nitsana Ancient "Nabataean" desert city)

The Metal Garage

The Wild Coast Light House

Winery Bordeaux

DoGood Sound is a boutique sound design home, that focuses on “out of the box” sounds and operate in the wellness world.

With its wide network of musicians and producers, DoGood keep searching and collecting ambiance, cinematic, exotic instruments and voices that opens up any production to the world.

Pls check our FAQ page for further information and general instructions.


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