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Sound Bath (Tibetan and Crystal Bowl)

Crystal Bowls are made from quartz crystal and Tibetan bowls are made of different metals.

Both vibrates and produces a rich, deep tone when played. Also known as singing bowls, they are said to promote relaxation and offer powerful healing properties along purifying and strengthening the energy of your space.

Played by two Sound Healing Artists, Nikos Nikolakopoulos from Greece and Shanee Habari from Israel.

The Pack was recorded originally at 96kHz, with a special attention to the decay (sometimes over 30 sec) to allow the instrument and the overtones to bloom on a very low signal to noise ratio.

Tibetan Bowls Pitches available in both Strong and Medium hit, a total of 6 pitches spread wide on the octave (18 Samples) and a large collection of Bowls played in various techniques, using mallets, hands, sticks and motion (67 Samples).

Crystal Bowls available in an 8 pitch octave recording, using mallets for strong and medium hits with an additional long sustain “Singing” note. A total of 24 samples.

Total of 652 MB


DoGood Sound is a boutique sound design home, that focuses on “out of the box” sounds and operate in the wellness world.

With its wide network of musicians and producers, DoGood keep searching and collecting ambiance, cinematic, exotic instruments and voices that opens up any production to the world.

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