Voice of Nature


Traditional throat singing from mid-asian regions, producing two simultaneous tones, a high and a low one, with the vocal cords.

This art was initially created to imitate the voice of nature and animals. Traditionally used in ritual ceremonies, folk songs to praise the natural world, ancestors and great epic figures of the Mongolian people. 

You will find 3 styles of Throat Singing:

Eskheree (Sygyt) High frequency overtones (Water and Wind sounds)

Khargyra Low frequency overtones

Khoomei (Tuva) overtone singing

Performed by Alexander from SHONO band in Siberia 

The pack was recorded covering all possible articulation of this unique styles.

Total of 134 high quality samples


DoGood Sound is a boutique sound design home, that focuses on “out of the box” sounds and operate in the wellness world.

With its wide network of musicians and producers, DoGood keep searching and collecting ambiance, cinematic, exotic instruments and voices that opens up any production to the world.


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